Saturday, October 03, 2009

First Confirmation of Shang Class SSN Commission Date?

This Oct 1st 2009 CCTV documentary seems to confirm the commission date of the new 1st Type-93 (09-III) "Shang Class" SSN for the first time. The documentary was part of the CCTV special in celebrating China's 60th anniversary. Since the PLA never release any information regarding its secretive nuclear program, this announcement would represent a break from its tradition.

The CCTV Capture Reads:

On December 2006.

Chairman Hu Jintao braved the several cold

to dedicate the commission of a new type of nuclear submarine.

in a flag-raising ceremony

and presented the August 1st color to the new captain in person.
(Note CCTV/CCAV recycled Song class footage for this report)


dylan said...

Isn't this 09-III (i.e. SHANG)?

Coatepeque said...


I double checked my source and modified my post accordingly.