Sunday, October 11, 2009

More Photos Of The Wuhan Varyag Mockup.

According to the China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation's new release, the Huang Jiahu (黄家湖) "test" site is being constructed by it's "Warship Design Center/701 Design Institute"


(2009-01-06) 来源:《中船重工》











RAJ47 said...

How has the so called mock up changed colour from brown to white?

duskylim said...

These new pictures are very interesting.

First, what was the original reddish brown color was later painted to a light grey.

This suggests that they actually constructed the building's island from the same type of ship's steel as on the real Varyag - down to the detail of using a similar primer - red lead to paint it.

This indicates that is not just a cursory copy but a very close one... and that the final color will be similar to the light blue-grey that the PLAN normally paints its ships.

Why go to the trouble (and expense) of trying to match the structure so exactly?

Second, what used to be a flimsy-looking ski-jump is now (again!) a much-sturdier and very-close copy of the original Varyag's bow ski-jump, fairings and all.

It looks like this building will serve to train the whole flight deck crew as well as the electronic warfare, radar and flight control officers of the Varyag - and perhaps of subsequent PLAN carriers as well - which means that they may replicate this island on other carriers.

Third, this view is further reinforced by appears to be a very large square opening in the side of the building - (a lift of some sort?), where aircraft might be brought up onto the "flight deck" - building's roof.

The whole area seems to be a vast PLAN training center, with masts, radar and electronic equipment of other warships replicated on top of the surrounding buildings.

There is also, rather conspicuously a soccer goal in one of the pictures. The location seems to be in the rolling hills upstream of the city of Wuhan itself, deep in the central Chinese heartland, far away from prying eyes and intrusion.

The effort and expense made by constructing this building complex seem to confirm that the PLAN has decided to construct a fleet of carriers and has laid the foundation of the fleets Air Arm.

Coatepeque said...

duskylim, impressive write up.