Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Another Set Of The Wuhan Varyag Mockup Photos

Apparently, there were no security guards to be found.

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duskylim said...

These pictures allow us to confirm what were previously only our suspicions:

1) The whole island appears to be constructed as a single unit or section - out of steel and not concrete.

This is obvious from photo no. 2 where the edge of the steel plate has a lot of red-orange rust on it, and photo no. 5 where you can see the steel plates and the weld seams.

Photo no. 6 really gives a clear idea of the nature of the construction, there seems to be some sort of flange or skirt running all around the lower oval section of the island - which appears to be mounted (dare we say bolted) onto the roof structure.

The same picture shows the degree of effort put into copying the exact details of the Varyag's island - my suspicion is that it may have been constructed by the shipyard and sent to this place.

The aircraft are probably NOT real but are most-likely accurate mock-ups - constructed by the aircraft companies and used as dimensional substitutes and training.

The last picture gives a view from the bridge to the ski-jump bow assembly.

This structure is certainly the main training facility for China's future carriers.