Sunday, October 25, 2009

Cambodia's Chinese Weapon on Parade.

Soldiers of the 70th Royal Cambodian Brigade celebrated the 15th anniversary of its establishment with a parade attended by Prime Minister Hun Sen. The parade also provided a glimpse into the Royal Cambodian Army's inventory of Chinese weapons.

Since 1997, China has became the biggest source of military aid to Cambodia, contributing more than 5 million U.S. dollars a year. A large sum by the Cambodian standard. China also facilitated the construction of the High Command HQ on National Highway 4, commissioned a Combined Arms Officer School in Kampong Speu province and other military projects. China also sponsors 40 Cambodian officers to study in China on a yearly basis.

As always, there is "no strings attached" with all those Chinese military aid.

PF89 Light Anti-tank Weapon

Type 56 assault rifle


As a side note, in 2007 Royal Cambodian Army became the first confirmed foreign user of the QBZ-95 rifle.

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lol. so they got fake kalashnikows for own forest and natural reserves..