Monday, October 26, 2009

ZSL93/WZ523 6x6 Armored Personnel Carrier.

The ZSL93 is the PLA’s security armored "truck". In essence, this 10-ton light APC is a standard PLA HY472 6x6 truck on an armored shelf with 80% commercial parts. It is geared for security duty with a smoke generator, siren and police flash lights. While the other PLA AFV is armed with a 12.7 HMG, the ZSL wears a lowly 7.62 machine gun.

The ZSL93 was first revealed to pubic in the 1984 National Day Parade and again in the 1997 HongKong handover ceremony. It is currently in service with the Beijing, HongKong and Macou Garrisons and the CMC’s Central Guard.

In 2005, a modernized variant of the ZSL05 was developed for the PLA’s peacekeeping operations in Africa.

Thus far, Niger is the only known operator of the WZ523 outside of China. Since HY trucks are widely exported to Africa finding spare parts should be easier compared to other Chinese APCs.

Nigerian WZ523

HY472 6x6 Truck

ZSL93 of the 6th "Special Police" Regiment, 1st Beijing Garrison Division.

HongKong Garrison

ZSL05 Engineering Variant

ZSL05 Medical Variant

ZSL05 Command Variant

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