Sunday, October 18, 2009

Z-10 Attack Helicopter Latest Sighting

According to Huitong, this latest signing could be the "optimized" "Z-10A" model under development and expected to enter the mass production soon.

The new Z-10A sports a redesigned nose, reduction in weight and powered by the upgraded WZ-9 turboshaft twin engine (notice the twin 90 degree upwarded engine exhaust port). The original twin Pratt & Whitney PT6C-76C turboshaft engine equipped Z-10 prototype is rumored to be underpowered.

The original Z-10 Prototype

The new Z-10A



Anonymous said...

The new look looks a lot like the Augusta A129 Mangusta.

Rick Joe said...

If the Z-10 does use WZ-9 then it would be a huge boost to China's helicopter industry.

Coatepeque said...


Indeed, but lets wait and see.