Friday, October 30, 2009

Historical photos for the 60th anniversary of the PLAAF.

A rare photo of the Tu-4 "Bull" bomber (Soviet's B-29 copy) of PLAAF's 4th Independent Regiment , 10 were "given" by Stalin for Mao's birthday in 1953

No Bull! It is a Chinese AWAC!


duskylim said...

Interesting picture of the Tu-4 "Bull" AWACS.

Was it a success or just a test-bed?

I have a feeling that it wasn't able to perform the AWACS role that well.

Of note however is what appears to be turbo-props instead of the original Wright-Cyclones of the B-29 (were there Soviet copies of this engine?).

Anonymous said...

They switch out the original engines with the 4 WJ6 turboprop engines found on the Y-8.

Erlendoss said...

Fantastic. Great pictures